Hospice and Palliative Care

Hospice Care

Hospice services are available for people who have a life threatening condition with a limited prognosis. Hospice focuses on patient comfort. Our team will assist with care for the patient allowing them the right to die comfortably with dignity. Our focus is comfort, both for the hospice patient and their family. Hospice care can be provided to any individual that has been given a terminal diagnosis. These patients will usually be cared for in their home with scheduled visits from their Nursing Case Manager, Social Worker and Chaplain/Spiritual Counselor. Volunteers are available upon request for in home visits to help families with errands and to just provide the patient with company. We also offer The Madrone House as an out of home alternative for care.

Although many insurances do have elective hospice coverage, we do not require insurance or require payment for our in home services.

Palliative Care

When patients are not yet ready for hospice, we have professional staff available for consultation, case management and routine telephone calls to provide support and resources. Through palliative care we can help the patient and family to explore options for the next step in managing their illness, help to discuss these options with their doctor, make plans for the future, and provide counseling and spiritual support.